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What The Children Say About Edgware

At a Head Teacher's lunch, this is what the children said when they were asked - why do you love Edgware?

" I am very happy- The school teaches me so much" - Ilyas 

"I love school - the teachers and staff are really nice" Cailey 

"  I have loved learning about space and doing maths". Rezi 

" I have made good friends" Haiqa 

I love all the trips we go on and spelling and maths". Michele

" I love the challenges in maths" Anastasia

" I enjoyed the reading event with the tents on the grass" Anastasia

" I love sports and doing science experiments" Braulio 

" I love going swimming every week" - Rohan and Marwa 

"I loved lerning about healthy eating"  Lea

" I Loved going to the British museum and Canon's Park - Amy 

"I love doing addition and multiplication in maths " Jamila 

I"I love our school playground as there is so much equipment to play on" - Laura 

" I love sports day and singing" Laura 

I loved resilience week - I enjoyed looking at paintings and creating my own painiting " Ioana

"I love my teacher and the playground especially the swings and the hill" Wassim 

"I love seeing all my friends every day and I love my teachers". Marwa 

"I love the playground and how it is designed - it is such a fun place to be" Judith 

"I love how the teachers give us a good education" Orlando 

"I love that I have made friends and I learn a lot of things" Hoa

"My teachers are helpful and I love the food at lunchtime" - Kenzah 

"I love all the big events like the Year Six prom, Edgware's Got Talent" - Weng Yan 

" I have love going on trips and having support from my teachers with work and other issues". Anita