Edgware Primary School

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Online Safety

We teach a comprehensive online safety curriculum.

We ensure coverage of the Connected World Curriculum. The curriculum highlights what a child should know in terms of current online technology, its influence on behaviour and development, and what skills they need to be able to navigate it.


We do this through engaging, interactive lessons which allow children to explore, discuss and clarify their thinking around technology use.

Alongside this we have a safeguarding month every November where we provide workshops for children about online safety. These cover: 

  • How to stay safe online
  • The latest apps 
  • Privacy settings 
  • How to communicate online safely 
  • What are the dangers to look out for
  • Know who you are talking to 
  • Being respectful
  • Image sharing 

We also celebrate Internet Safety Day in February, every year. This gives us another opportunity to promote safe and positive use of digital technology and to ensure further conversations about using technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively. 

We spend lots of time talking to children about their internet use both at home and at school. Children are encouraged to share any problems they may be experiencing online and the school will always take these seriously. (Please see Anti bullying, Internet Use Agreement policies)