Aims and Ethos


At Edgware we believe that every member of our school community is respectful, aspirational and committed to life-long learning and excellence.


At Edgware we have 6 core values that we teach to our children

  • Respect
  • Tolerance
  • Honesty
  • Resilience/perseverance
  • Kindness
  • Being Reflective


Aims and Ethos :

Our aims for the children and staff of Edgware Primary School are:

  • To be a safe, happy, caring community of learners
  • To help all individuals regardless of their race, gender or disability to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to achieve their full potential in a rapidly changing world
  • To develop understanding of and respect for a wide range of religious values, languages and cultural traditions and different ways of life
  • To encourage an enjoyment of life-long learning
  • To encourage positive parental and community involvement
  • To promote healthy lifestyles
  • To provide a curriculum that is stimulating, broad, balanced, innovative and creative
  • To celebrate achievement


  • We are an equal opportunities employer