Past Events

On Monday 27th April 2015 children across the school took part in one of the biggest weeks of 2015...Election Week.

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This year is the eight hundredth anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta (Great Charter) by King John at Runnymede on June 15th 1215.  A charter, which laid down the rules stating that all men should be equal, and that, the king was not above the law, which had been the case until then. Read more....


Celebration of Achievement

On Friday 3rd July 2015, Barnet Children’s University held its first graduation ceremony, celebrating the achievement of children who have attended clubs before and after school. It was a special day as 25 children became the first Edgware Primary School students to graduate from Barnet CU.

The ceremony was held at Middlesex University Hendon where, after a tour of the campus the children put on their caps and gowns for the presentation of their certificates. After a performance by the Zumba and Bollywood dance club, Mr Robinson presented the children with their awards in front of very happy family and friends. The biggest cheer of the day was saved for Ike in Purple class, who became the first student to receive a Gold award for taking part in over 90 hours of school clubs.

Congratulations to all the children who graduated and we look forward to many more children graduating next year.

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Edgware Primary school recently held a sponsored bounce to help raise money for SCOPE. Read more...


Smiles All Round When the Dentist Calls!

On Tuesday, 29th September it was big smiles and toothy grins all round when Dr. Christian Small from the Small Dental Surgery in Edgware dropped in to test the Year 4 pupils on their knowledge about teeth, a topic, which they are currently learning.  He was pleasantly surprised as all pupils were able to identify the parts of a tooth, name the 32 teeth an adult has and explain why oral hygiene is so important.

The pupils were rewarded with ‘smile’ stickers and Dr. Small was presented with a beautiful floral arrangement and a huge ‘thank you’ card from all the pupils who now all want to be dentists when they grow up!

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The children took part in a mixed football competition on Tuesday 20th October in Friern Barnet Power league with 30 schools attending it was a great turn out. 
It was a 6 aside game with three boys and three girls playing in each game. The children had great team spirit and worked brilliantly in a team. 
Edgware took a squad of 10 players.
The children who took part were Layann, Tahira, Denisa, Tempitope, Klisber, John, Ramen, Nabil S from Year 6
Farhad and Banush fror Year 5. 

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PSCO Diane Trinder, local Police Community Support Officer was invited to Edgware Primary School to talk to children about keeping safe and learning about crime prevention. She also taught children about the powers police have to tackle the issue and the consequences for those involved in nuisance behaviour and crime. Children in each year group was visited by the PSCO and the following points were discussed; Wearing your seat belts when travelling in your car, police in uniform, keeping safe, 999 Calls – When to make them, online safety and mobile phone awareness.



Over the last week Edgware Primary School has held an Art Diversity week across all age groups. Working closely with the EMA team we created a cross-curricular art and literacy week focused on Black History Month. Each year group were given a different theme to explore for the week, from painting to the music of Stevie Wonder and Bob Marley to looking at Jacob Lawrences' Migration Series and creating their own masterpieces.

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This week, we held our ‘Learning Together’ sessions across the school. This time the focus was on supporting reading and writing using phonics at home. Lots of parents attended the sessions and worked with their children developing their phonic skills. It was a real pleasure to see the excitement of the children and parents who felt that they were learning a new skill. Thank you to all the parents who came.

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Internet Safety

A meeting for all parents & carers

With guest speaker Susan Mehmet

Coffee and tea will be served on

Wednesday 18th November 9am

In the dining room

Do you know the dangers of your children using the internet and social networking sites and apps?

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Year 6 attended a radio workshop delivered by Clyde Broadcast. The children worked together to write their scripts and present it live on the radio station. You can listen to the show using the link below.




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Two scientists and the assistant head Mr Jones from Canons High School visited Edgware Primary on Thursday 26th November. They conducted two experiements with the children to introduce the subjects physics and chemisty.

This was also a great way to increase the positive awareness of science and continue our great link with Canons High.


Roman Day

Again this year the pupils from Year 4 enjoyed another ‘fun-filled’ Roman Day, which took place on Friday, 11th December.
The morning saw the pupils busy designing mosaics, or making Roman shields to take into battle, constructing helmets, creating clay oil lamps or trying to solve mathematical problems using only Roman numerals!

The pupils were regularly updated by the Roman messenger, Fattimus who travelled from Rome bringing messages on the triumphs of Julius Caesar, who was hundreds of miles away in Britain battling the pesky Celts!

The afternoon saw the great banquet where the Romans, whilst lounging on soft mats, were fed peeled grapes by obedient slaves.

This was followed by mountains of bread, cheese and wine (Ribena); all had a truly great feast!

During the great banquet, the Romans enjoyed live entertainment which was a re-enactment of a scene from the ‘Romulus and Remus’ story followed by the very dramatic death scene from ‘Julius Caesar’ to some very festive singing and finally ended with the ‘Roman Dance’ where all the pupils and adults joined in!

The pupils loved their day and several of them declared that it was ‘the best day ever’!

Well done to all!!



Our return to school this term not only saw Edgware Primary celebrate a New Year but also saw us welcoming Mrs. Jacobs as our new Headteacher.  In this first week we celebrated British Values and all that Britain stands for.  This culminated in a huge British tea party on Friday afternoon where Class 4 Nightingale wore red, white and blue and turned their classroom into ‘Nightingales old-fashioned Tea Shop’. 

Throughout the afternoon freshly brewed tea was served with neatly cut cucumber sandwiches, traditional Cornish cream scones, scrumptious cupcakes and chocolate biscuits.

Everyone had a memorable afternoon and great fun was had by one and all!



Mayoress teaches children about democracy.

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Last week, children in Year Six were visited by Debra Sobel, Managing Director of Vanilla Films and a former BBC Television director. She talked to them about the art of producing engaging films, which not only entertain but which also deliver key messages. She showed a variety of film clips to demonstrate the different ways we can tell stories through video - from drama to animation and presenter led pieces. In class, the children then had a chance to work with Mrs Sobel in groups to develop a creative treatment for a film about Edgware Primary School. They worked to a brief and spent time storyboarding their ideas.
On the day of her visit, a film making competition was launched - each group's treatment and storyboard will be judged and the winning team will go on to produce their film, which will be put up on our school website. There will also be a prize. 

As part of our recent British Values Week Year 4 invited our local Police woman, PC Diane Trinder to school to tell us all about her role as a Police office in our local community.   We learned that PC Trinder’s daily role is varied and she explained that each day is very different and can be delivering ‘theft awareness’ leaflets to local homes to dealing with shoplifters in the high street or finding the owners of a lost dog.

During her talk PC Trinder explained how her role involves enforcing the laws made by the government and how these laws are necessary in our country so that everyone is kept safe.  She went on to explain how she would arrest someone if the need arose, and Miss Benari gladly played the part of the villain!!

After her excellent talk we were delighted that PC Trinder was able to stay for our ‘Very British Tea Party’ where she enjoyed a well-earned cream tea and talked to the children.


On January 25th Sarah Armitage, a volunteer with the Action Aid organization visited Year 4 for the day to highlight the awareness of the water scarcity in the world. 

After giving an excellent assembly, where she was presented with a generous donation from the school, Sarah then gave three workshops to the Year 4 classes.

In each workshop she showed the children samples of contaminated water used in Africa and then allowed each pupil the opportunity of carrying a metal bowl of water on their head.  This delighted the pupils as they then realized just how heavy water actually is and how far the women and children in Africa have to walk several times a day for this precious resource, all of which is taken for granted in our daily lives.


Safer Internet Day 2016

Play your part for a better internet!
Join the global celebration on 9th February!

Safer Internet Day 2016 will take place on the 9th February with the theme Play your part for a better internet!

Edgware Primary School will be getting involved with promoting the use of digital technology in a safe and responsible way. Children will be designing their own E-safety posters and to film and share a Safer Internet Day pledge as part of the #shareaheart social media campaign.

Parents can also get involved on this day by attending the Internet safety event held on 9th February at 2.15pm in the dining hall with guest speaker Susan Mehmet. The event will provide parents with important information on how to stay safe online. Please click here for further information.

There are a number videos below for parents and children to watch for staying safe using the Internet at home.



In the Nursery we are learning all about growing. We have had some special visitors- chicken eggs.

We saw how they hatched in an incubator and then helped to move them into a brooder box. Now, we have an opportunity to watch them grow.

Skills learnt

  • Looking after a living thing
  • Creating rules to help look after the chicks
  • Learning about life cycles


Children in Year 3 created their own Safer Internet Day pledge's by designing their  posters in class. Click on the gallery to see their work.

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Congratulations to our Year 5 Maths Champs who did battle last week at Canons High School against other Primary schools in Barnet.

The morning was indeed challenging; there were three rounds: Arithmetic, Problem Solving and Mathematical Puzzles.  The boys - excellent ambassadors for Edgware Primary, worked as a team and were put through their paces, however they used their mathematical skills and knowledge and worked extremely hard to tackle all questions well.


Welsh Harp Environmental Centre

The month of March saw the three Year 4 classes embracing the start of Spring by studying Minibeasts.  This learning challenge saw the pupils first visit the school pond, where they searched and discovered many and varied minibeats including a large black beetle, several centipedes and a couple of wriggly worms.

Having visited the school pond the pupils were instructed in how to search for minibeasts and how to classify them once found.  This introduction to the environment proved extremely useful when the pupils finally visited the Welsh Harp Environmental Centre in N.W.9.

Once at the Centre the pupils were allowed to hunt for minibeasts in this wide-open space and do some pond dipping with ‘real’ nets in the two well-stocked ponds.   Experts and instructors were on hand to help the children identify their ‘catches’ and to ensure that these fragile creatures were returned to their habitats safely.
Throughout the day pupils found diving beetles, larvae, centipedes, worms, damselfly, woodlice and one lonely spider!

Our day at the Centre culminated in a packed lunch ‘picnic,’ a ‘mystery’ walk to find the ‘pink’ and ‘blue’ trees and a short journey back to school on the 302 bus.

As always, the pupils said that it was the ‘best school trip ever’ and a lot said that they would ask their mums and dads to take them back for another visit over the school holidays.

The hard working teachers and staff were very weary after such a hectic day but had to agree ………it was one of the best school trips ever!