At school we are focusing on key skills for reading

VIPERS Help your child at home by asking these simple questions 

  • Can you predict what might happen next? 
  • Can you explain what is happening in the story? 
  • Can you find in the text the sentence that .......
  • Can you retell me the story or put the key events in order?

Here are some websites and guides to help you support your child with reading

Saying the sounds accurately - watch Alex saying the sounds.Watch some of the activities we do at school and you can try at home.

This link to the Parents Centre website gives some really good ideas about how you can enjoy sharing books with your child and tells you a bit more about phonics. 
This link gives ideas about how to help your child as they are learning to read.

Book lists for children of different ages. This will tell you the best books for children to read. Just click on the right age group. 
A website for you and your child to explore together – it will give you some ideas about reading with your child and has online games for young children to play with you and on their own. It also has ideas for games to play away from the computer. The Basic Skills website will keep you updated on a range of literacy developments: 
This website provides information about the national Bookstart scheme and the Bookstart packs that your child will receive as a baby, a toddler and at age three to four. It also gives information about sharing books with your child and you can find out about Bookstart events in your area which you can go to with your child. 

You can get ‘Learning Together’ leaflets – ‘The road to reading’ and ‘Making their mark – children’s early writing’ (and other leaflets covering a range of topics) from Early Education, 136 Cavell Street, London, E1 2JA. Telephone 020 7539 5400. You can also download them from the website 
This website provides lots of information for parents and carers of babies and young children, and suggestions of activities, features, DVDs, books and events that are both useful and fun. You can have their free newsletter emailed to you directly. 
This website provides lots of information for parents and teachers on the importance of speaking and listening skills for young children’s development. Although aimed at early communication development there is a lot of very useful information and materials such as Chatter Matters that can be downloaded from the website and some free materials can be ordered. 
A wealth of information about how to make reading and writing fun for you and all your family. Promotes their campaign to make ‘every home a reading home’. Many links to further websites.