We want to work with you to ensure your child is at school everyday. Your child will achieve so much more by being in school regualrly.  

School starts at 8:40am each day - please ensure your child is at school on time.

At Edgware Primary School the expectation is that every child will attend school for a minimum of 96% at any point in the school year, we are however looking to increase the number of children who attain 100% attendance.

We do not permit unauthorised absence and any parent taking children out of school during term time will be subject to penalty notice and a fine therefore, please look at the term dates and ensure you do not book any holiday within the term time period. Despite the wonderful opportunities, exciting curriculum, specialist subjects, superb behaviour and hard work of almost everyone to ensure excellent progress, there are still some families that are failing to benefit fully because attendance is not consistent enough.

Every child that misses school is vulnerable and his/her progress and attaiment are likely to be affected negatively. It is also extremely unsettling. In order to reach 96% attendance, your child must not miss more than SIX days per YEAR. Please ensure your child gets the best with 100% attendance. 


Attendance 2

Children’s attendance is monitored weekly. Those children whose attendance falls to 95% and below will be called into school to meet with the Pupil & Family Engagement Worker and/or Barnet Education Welfare Services.

Poor attendance is never acceptable. Remember that your child learns better with us than without us!

Please inform the office by 9.00am, the latest, by telephone 0208 952 1472 or alternatively email, if your child is going to be absent from school.

If your child is off school for more than two days, you must provide us with a note/ prescription/appointment card from your child’s doctor in order for us to authorise the absence. You should not be charged by your doctor for this. If you want to give your child the best start; start by being in school!

We celebrate good attendance each week with class certificates and a reward each term. Please work with us to ensure your child has the bvest opportunities to learn and develop.