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‘Learning Together’ Sessions


Parents are regularly invited into school to learn with their children. The give up their time from their other commitments to spend a morning working collaboratively with their children on a fun activity in class.  It is a fantastic opportunity for the teachers to share with the parents how the children learn at Edgware Primary School.

The school believes in having an open door policy; we actively encourage parents to be involved in their children’s learning. We want parents to know what and how their children learn at school so that they can support them at home.

The sessions cover how we teach Reading, Writing and Maths across the school as well as other curriculum areas or key skills.

Parents’ feedback from sessions:

“A really useful session which gave us an opportunity to see what the children are like in class”.

Year3 parent

“ The teachers were very nice and it was fun”. Year 4 Parent

“It was good to see how the children are learning – I can see how they are behaving in school and mixing with together children” Y1 parent.

Chair of Governors

As a parent, one of the highlights with regard to my own children’s education are the occasions to share time with them at school.  Having the opportunity to see their classroom and classmates during the day helps me understand better how they spend their day and in turn support them even more.

This week, Edgware Primary School held ‘Learning together’ sessions when the school opened up every form, from Nursery to Year 6, for parents for join in a session with their child.  It was fantastic to see so many mums, dads and grandparents taking the chance to learn with their children.  For some classes there were lessons on connectives and in others pupils and parents were collaborating on creating collages of various natural environments.   The feedback from the pupils, parents and teachers I spoke to was very positive and all found it very beneficial.

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