Year 4



Year 4    Dentist Visit
On Tuesday, 29th September it was big smiles and toothy grins all round when Dr. Christian Small
from the Small Dental Surgery in Edgware dropped in to test the Year 4 pupils on their knowledge
about teeth, a topic, which they are currently learning.  Read more....


Magna Carta
This year is the eight hundredth
anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta (Great Charter) by King John at Runnymede on June 15th 1215. 
A charter, which laid down the rules stating that all men should be equal, and that, the king was not above the law,
which had been the case until then.

DSC_0243 Back to School for Mum and Dad!
Recently the clock turned back a few years and the parents from Year 4
were invited to join their children for a morningof fun activities within the classroom.

Year 4 'Fun on the Field'
As Edgware Primary School successfully draws to the close of its first year,
the Year 4 classes celebrated by hosting a ‘Fun on the Field’ afternoon where
parents and  families were invited to enjoy a picnic on the field followed by some
fun activities.