Conversation Café

Tuesday 8th June 2015

Today we had a wonderful session, we had 26 ladies who joined us for our conversation group. We have ladies who speak Dari, Pashtu, Romanian, Portuguese, Mandarin, Polish, Arabic, Spanish, Uzbek and Albanian. We are very cosmopolitan!

We would love you to join us and even to help us increase our numbers of different languages!

We are learning about how to make appointments at the Doctor’s surgery and Hospitals. We also talked about who to call in an emergency. Next week we will be talking about how to describe symptoms when we are with the Doctor and how to speak to the operator on a 999 emergency call.

That will be followed up by a visit at next week’s Coffee Morning, 17th June, by Dr Michelle Jacobs from Watford General Hospital children’s A & E department. She will be teaching us 1st Aid and explaining when to take your children to the G.P, Urgent Care Center / walk in clinic or the A & E department.

Please join us!

Mrs Gaunt & Mrs Abdalla