Special Educational Needs

Welcome to our Special Educational Needs & Disabilities page.

Welcome to the SEND page. Here you can find out more about SEND at Edgware Primary School.


At Edgware we are very inclusive and value of of our children including those with special education needs. We strive to ensure that all children achieve their full potential. 

SEND provision during Covid-19

In school, although we are working differently to ensure we all stay safe, there are lots of things in place to ensure children with special needs still receive the best education and care. We have put the following in place: 

The Inclusion Lead is keeping informed of local and national requirements.

Risk assessments have been carried out for all EHC pupils to ensure that they are safe in school and at home.

Should children need to self isolate or be at home due to COVID symptoms, we are ensuring that they receive one to one online support programmes and interactive sessions as well as a tailored curriculum of differentiated and targeted activities which can be accessed on the Google classroom. Teachers, teaching assistants and the Inclusion lead work closely together. Progress and provision is reviewed every half term.

Annual reviews and target meetings continue to be held online with parents, the Inclusion lead and class teachers. 

Teachers continue to ensure that work in class is differentiated and appropraite to each child's needs.

Speech and language interventions will be continued to be given online.

We continue to work closely with external professionals. We are currently having speech and language, play therapy and Education psychologists in school. 

Families of autistic pupils have been emailed a pack of online resources that they can access and have been telephoned to alert them of this. They have also been made aware that they have access to the Barnet Autism  Advisory hotline number which has been shared with them.

If you have a child with special needs and would like more information or advice, please contact the school office. 



(Information and guidance for parents and pupils with Special Educational Needs)

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