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Edgware Primary School - Careers fair

Teachers, doctors, physiotherapist, recruitment consultant, hairdresser, footballers and a personal trainer.

It starts in Primary School! Preparing pupils for furture!

  "It is never too early to start thinking about future careers and educational opportunities. Children in their last year of primary school can be inspired and can form their very first clear impression of the world of work and further study”
Simon Hughes, 2011, "The Hughes Report" - Recommendations to Government from the Advocate for Access to Education  (WeAspire!)

The purpose of our careers fair is to encourage children to aspire and motivate them to understand why it is important to work hard in school.

This week, Year Six children had the opportunity of attending a careers fair. Different visitors came into school to talk to the children about their jobs. the children got to ask them different questions to find out what their jobs entailed and the qualifications they needed. The children were extremely interested in the wide variety of jobs: Some of these included: police, physiotherapist, doctor, teacher, recruitment consultant, hairdresser, footballers and a personal trainer.

The visitors were impressed by the event. Some comments were:

" The event was extremely positive. The message that this sends is very important for the children and ill help them going into secondary school and beyond. It was a pleasure being involved and would be a priviledge to return again in years to come."

" Nicely done! Good questions from the children".

" It was lovely speaking to some of the pupils- lots of enthusiasm - we really enjoyed it!".

"I thoroughy enjoyed the careers event especially as the children were engaged and courteous. I was amused at the level of consideration some of these pupils had given to their career paths".


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