Ofsted Report

Our most recent inspection took place in May 2017. We were graded GOOD in every area. Below are some of the key findings:

The school is good because:

  • 'The dynamic headteacher, ably supported by senior leaders, middle leaders and governors, is ensuring that the right actions are being taken to develop the school further. Leaders are ambitious and have high expectations for the school. They are relentless in tackling the few remaining weaker aspects of provision'.
  • 'Leaders, including the governors, are having a positive impact on teaching and pupils’ outcomes. They monitor teaching and pupils’ progress rigorously. They take effective action to tackle any weaknesses they find'.
  • 'Teaching, learning and assessment are good. Members of staff form good relationships with the pupils. Teachers make good use of information on how well pupils are doing to plan their next steps'.
  • 'Personal development, behaviour and welfare are good. Pupils behave well and are keen to learn'.
  • 'Pupils feel safe at school and know how to stay safe. They grow in confidence and know what to do if they have any concerns'.
  • 'Pupils’ outcomes are good. They make good progress across the school and attainment is rising'.
  • 'The provision for children in the early years is good. Children persevere with their work because tasks are exciting and relevant to their interests and needs'.
  • 'The school’s partnership with parents is strengthening rapidly. Parents are especially pleased that their children are happy and feel safe at school'.
  • 'Funding for disadvantaged pupils is used well to ensure that there are no reasons why these pupils should not do as well as others nationally. They receive help tailored to their specific needs in lessons. Families are given support so that pupils are included in all the activities the school offers'.
  • 'Leaders spend the funding for special educational needs and/or disabilities effectively. These pupils have the right equipment and resources to help them to learn. Members of staff support them well in lessons, without stifling them. As a result, they are confident and independent in their learning'.
  • 'The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Leaders make sure that there is a safety-conscious culture at the school. All members of staff are checked for suitability for working with children and are kept up to date with their training'.
  • 'Teachers make good use of information on how well pupils are doing to provide work that builds on the pupils’ prior learning. They establish clear routines and make sure that pupils understand the purpose of their work'.
  • ' They form good relationships with the pupils and use praise to encourage them to want to learn. Pupils are generally clear about what they need to learn next.'
  • Teachers provide good resources to support learning.
  • 'Pupils are making good progress across the school from their differing starting points. Leaders are rigorous in checking up on how well various groups of pupils are doing, and ensure that any at risk of falling behind receive the right support'.

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