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Our School Council

pupil voice

Our School Council is a group of friendly, helpful and responsible leaders who work hard to make a difference to our school.

We are considerate of different cultures and beliefs and are keen to be a voice for everyone in the school. We want everyone to be able to share their opinions to make the school even better!

As a team, we will work together to make sure that our school is a positive, healthy and safe place to learn.

Our goals this term include, making sure that every child in our school feels safe and knows who they can talk to if they are worried. We are also working hard to promote our school values.

“As a school councillor, I want to help other children to feel happy and safe in school”
Alhasssan Year 5

“It’s good to be in the school council because you can help other children” Rohan Year 1

“I like listening to people’s questions and ideas. We get to talk about lots of different things when we come to school council meetings” Anuch Year 3

“As a school councillor, I will try to make the school a better place for everyone” Denisa Year 5