School Clubs

School Clubs - Spring Term 2018





Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
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KS1 Zumba

Lego Club Y2,Y3,Y4

KS1 Football

KS2 Dance

KS2 Computer Animation/Coding

Y5/Y6 Gymnastics

Y2 Computer Lego

KS2 & Y2, Drama

KS2 Zumba/Bollywood

KS1/2 Karake

Y5/Y6 Football

LKS2 Football

Y3/Y4 Football

Y2 & KS2 Cheerleading

Y3/Y4 Gymnastics



KS1 Zumba, KS1 Bollywood and KS2 Zumba/Bollywood all run before school from 8.00am until 8.45am.

All other clubs run after school and finish at 4.30pm.

Children must be collected promptly from each after school club no later than 4.30pm.

Every club runs for 10 weeks each term.