School Uniform

We have made some changes to the school uniform supplier to make it easier for you to buy the things you need.

Our new supplier is Uniform4Kids. They supply a large number of schools and have been in business for many years.

You will be able to buy uniform:

  1. At sales in school so you can try the clothes on the children before you buy them.
  2. At the uniform shop, Howard Bros, 30 The Broadway, Mill Hill, NW7 3LL.
  3. By calling the shop on the phone. 020 8959 4987
  4. Online at

The first time the uniform will be available will be at our school sale on Wednesday 20th January 3pm in the KS2 hall. They  will accept credit cards and cash.

There will be some new items of clothing available in school colours that you will be able to choose to buy if you want to, including a warm hat, a cardigan with logo & a polo shirt with logo. There will also be a sweatshirt & jogging bottoms available for children in the Nursery to wear if you would like them to.

Compulsory items will remain a sweatshirt or cardigan, a P.E tshirt, book bag & P.E bag all with the school logo. You may choose where you buy any other items from.

As we want all children to look smart we will expect that all children will return to school in January with the correct uniform: grey trousers or skirts, white polo shirt and black shoes. If you do not have a sweatshirt or P.E. tshirt at that time we will be happy to wait until after the sale on 20th January after which point we will expect all children to always wear the correct uniform.

Edgware Primary School Price List 2016

School Uniform Letter